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We are constantly on the search for highly skilled artists and technicians. JOIN US, if you are ready to feel the wonder at BRIO-STUDIO ..!!!

Storyboard & Animatic Artist

Industry Experience : 4 to 12 yrs.

Code : STB-A

Job Description :

  • Artist should have proven experience of story boarding and animatic for animation series using contemporary softwares.
  • Reading and understanding the script, Knowledge of movie making and storytelling.
  • Should have excellent drawing and composition skills and the ability to adapt to a wide range of styles i.e. volumetric drawings and knowledge of turnarounds and expressions and action poses.

3D Animators

Industry Experience : 4 to 12 yrs.

Code : ANIM-A

Job Description :

  • Creativity and Imagination.
  • Drawing Skill
  • Strong knowledge of Acting, body mechanics and facial expression.
  • Communication and presentation skill.
  • Ability to meet deadline and work as part of team..

Rigging Artist

Industry Experience : 1 to 6 yrs.

Code : RIG-A

Job Description :

  • Good knowledge of anatomy and a thorough understanding of biomechanics, kinesiology for humanoid and animals.
  • Thorough understanding of weighting, skinning and be able to work interactively with modelers to resolve challenges.
  • Good communication skill and ability to work interactively with the rest of the team.
  • Ability to rig characters/objects in a realistic or cartoon manner.
  • Good MEL scripting, Python scripting skills..
  • Experience with Marvelous Designer, cloth, muscles and dynamics are a plus.
  • Maya API, C++ skills are a plus.

Production Coordinator

Industry Experience : 1 to 4 yrs.

Code : PROD-CO

Job Description :

  • Work with management in coordinating and planning journal production activities.
  • Provide administration assistance to Production Managers when needed.
  • Monitor and manage production schedules for timely delivery.
  • Communicate production status to management on regular basis.
  • Build positive working relationships with co-workers to achieve productivity.
  • Develop work orders and schedules for upcoming productions.
  • Communication with client on timely basis.