Our Team

We embrace an enthusiastic and creative team who enjoys bringing the hopes and aspirations of today’s children to life. The creative team at BRIO STUDIO is entrepreneurial, energetic and very accomplished in business and the creative world.
Our team of producers, writers, directors and CG artists have worked on some of the most coveted properties in the animation world and has earned valuable hands-on experience working on variety of scales, challenges, complexity, genre and style sets. delivering any project at desired expectation is our forte.
BRIO STUDIO management and the core team brings more than 15-year experience built working for many international leaders such as DREAM WORKS, PRIME-FOCUS, UTV.
This expertise includes producing blockbuster animated series and movies like how to train your dragon, Madagascar, Planes, Rise of Guardians. Tinker bell etc.


As a CG film and television company, BRIO-STUDIO Pvt Ltd, value the relentless pursuit of dreams and insist on creating high-quality entertainment content.
As a company we put our heart in our films and we use our distinct creative presentation to show our audiences that we successfully make dreams come true and find happiness in chasing these dreams. As a company goal, we desire to create high-quality productions for global audiences, to develop an abundance of entertainment for worldwide distribution.